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Warning: as of version, you will need to add a reference to System.Phone.Reactive


  • Control "AboutData" - this is a control implementation of the Standard about page. Make en empty page, drag this control on it, make a model based upon the AboutViewModel, feed a resource to it and you've got an fully functional About page (details about model and resource here)
  • Controls AboutContents and AboutInfoSymbol - parts of AboutData implemented as a separate control
  • AboutViewModelBase, to be used in conjunction with AboutData
  • AppViewModelBase, a base view model hosting a Navigation service message,  implementing IBackKeyPressHandler 
  • Control "SwipeTitle", which essentially mimics a pivot but without pre-defining panes. Very useful for apps that, for instance, show multiple maps.
  • ClipToBoundsBehavior - makes sure anything displayed in a containers is visible only within that container
  • DragFlickBehavior - makes anything draggable and flickable
  • ExtendedPhonePage - base class for making handling rotation easier
  • BoolInvertConverter - converts true to false and false to true
  • ToListConverter - converts one item to a list to make it bindable to stuff that wants a list
  • VisibilityConverter - converts boolean to Visibility. 
  • AppBarIconFlipper - makes an IconBar icon flip based upon a bound variable. Needs the Bindable Application Bar from Phone.Fx
  • ApplicationExtensions - includes methods to make tombstoning easier
  • CachingHelper - a wrapper around the Phone7Fx that writes an object to cache
  • FrameworkExtensions - helper methods for animating objects (see DragFlickBehavior)
  • IEnumerableExtensions - adds ForEach and Convert to every IEnumerable
  • ManifestAppInfo - helper class to read data from the AppManifest (used by AboutData)
  • ObservableCollectionExtentions - adds AddRange and Swap methods to ObservableCollections
  • StoryboardExtensions - helper methods for animating objects (see DragFlickBehavior)
  • PointExtensions - basic distance and speed calculus
  • SafeBehavior - a base class for safely attaching/detaching events in a Windows Phone 7 behavior
  • CameraViewBackgroundBehavior, a behavior for showing the camera feed as a background view. 
  • LanguageSettingsViewModel and Language, ViewModels to make implementation of globalization easier.
  • DynamicBackgroundBehavior - shows a picture as background on a panel via a bindable string, using an Bing Image search to find an image whose desciption matches the string
  • MessageBoxDisplayBehavior - Behavior to show a MessageBox from a ViewModel
  • TextBoxChangeModelUpdateBehavior - Behavior to force a TextBox to update a bound model when text is entered
  • IsolatedStorageHelper - essentially the logic of ApplicationExtensions is a separate class, so you can store objects in Isolated Storage outside the tombstoning context as well
  • XElementExtensions - extension method to XElement currently containing one method AttributeValue that returns an attribute value of an XElement or null if it does not exist
  • ViewportAreaBehavior - makes the view area of a Bing Maps control bindable
  • StringZipExtensions - compress any string or object. Ported to Windows Phone by request of a blog reader
  • PlaySoundEffectBehavior and PlaySoundEffectMessage - play sound effect by using MVVM
  • NavigationEventArgsExtensions and NavigationMessage - determines if a navigation action is initiated by a NFC request and a message to pass that news around
  • TtcSocketHelper: a helper class to make the build-up of NFC connections easier. [Windows phone 8 only]
  • ReceivedMessageEventArgs: see TtcSocketHelper
  • MapShapeDrawBehavior (and supporting classes in namespace MapBinding) - draw shapes on the new Windows Phone 8 control using data binding [Windows phone 8 only]
  • LimitTextBoxBehavior: Limits the number of characters that can be entered into a textbox. Optionally vibrates the phone when the limit is reached
  • NavigateToUrlAction: Action to use to navigate to a URL. Includes network availability detection
  • NavigatieToMarketplaceDetailAction: Action that executes the MarketPlaceDetailTask
  • NavigatieToReviewAction: Action that executes the MarketplaceReviewTask
  • SendEmailAction: Action that executes the EmailComposeTask. The "To", "Subject" and "Body" properties can be bound to
  • ShareLinkAction: Action that executes the ShareLinkTask. The "LinkUri", "Message" and "Title" properties can be bound to
  • VisibileOnLocaleBehavior: Behavior that sets the attached textblock to visibile if it matches the sepecified two letter ISO language name
  • VisibilityInTrialBehavior: Behavior that sets the attached FrameworkElement to visibile if the app is in trial mode.
  • TrialHelper: Helper to see if your app is running in trial mode. Add TRIAL as compiler directive to fake it when debugging.
  • NullToCollapsedConverter: Returns Visibility.Collapsed for any value that is null, empty, only whitespaces or an empty guid.
  • ObjectToStringValueConverter: Converter to create a nicer representation of an object. Add properties of the binded object between { } to the converter parameter.
  • StripHtmlValueConverter: Removes all HTML from a string and decodes '&XXXX' to regular chars.
  • ToLowerValueConverter: Converts a string to all lowercase characters.
  • ToUpperValueConverter: Converts a string to all uppercase characters.

In the Wp7nl.External you will find:

  • SilverlightSerializer 2
  • RectangleF
  • NavigationService/INavigationService (original version by Laurent Bugnion, fix version as from 3.2.0 by Pedro Lamas)
  • SmartShellTileSchedule by Mark Monster

New stuff in 3.4.0:

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